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IntelliSearch Insight

The ultimate tool for Information intelligence

A dashboard with relevant and constantly
updated information from “everywhere” –
even personalized and contextual data.

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The useful information easily available

Get control of your data with broad search on all your sources. With IntelliSearch ESP you will be sure to make your employees more productive, and your organisation more profitable

» Superb relevance

» Easy to use

» Advanced categorization

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IntelliSearch products is about giving you the easiest way accessing your company information. Here is something to start with…

IntelliSearch Enterprise

Find all the information that you want,
wherever it is stored. Best of breed search
that connects to all your information
sources for a more productive workday.

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IntelliSearch GDPR

IntelliSearch GDPR find the information
you need in all sources it’s connected to.
The specialization towards GDPR implies
that IntelliSearch searchengine passes
through all the requested data and Provide
information as defined under GDPR.

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IntelliSearch Insight

Information Intelligence at your fingertips.
A dashboard with relevant and constantly
updated information from “everywhere” –
even personalized and contextual data.

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IntelliSearch for Outlook

If you, like many others, find the search in
Outlook to be substandard, try our solution
for a productive and happy workday.

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IntelliSearch Engine

For developers: create a powerful search
within your .Net application. Get our NuGet
package and create an internal search as
never before seen in the .Net world.

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IntelliSearch EpiServer

The optimal solution for search inside
EpiServer. Choose between embedded,
server or cloud and and enjoy a cost
effective solution from the search specialist.

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What we do

Modern workplaces consist of information – an overload of information. The ability to utilize this asset in the best possible way differentiates the best from the rest. Create value through worker´s productivity, increased quality, improved decisions and employee satisfaction. IntelliSearch gives all employees the ability to easily find all relevant information. Our state-of-the-art search engine indexes all the information, across systems and silos, and transform this to valuable Insight.



Become an IntelliWorker!


To get to know IntelliSearch is also about a new beginning in your everyday life. We strive to make our customers workday easier, giving you the opportunity to focus on your important work. Not searching and trying to find all the information to make the right decision, or not writing a document that already is made of one of your colleague. Start your journey today!




CoWorker Power

attract the best – make them even better

Having the right set of tools is one of the key factors for success in all type of occupations. When you have the opportunity it’s just common sense giving your co-workers easy access to all your critical information – even from your outlook app. IntelliSearch are focusing on relevant information right at your fingertips. One click – quick decisions. Of course – security is taken care of!


Frequently Asked Questions

What about security?

IntelliSearch adopts the respective information source systems security level. That means that if you have control of your security on your mail system, IntelliSearch software give you the same safety.

Do I need to move or do something with my data?

We actually recommend you to leave the data in the place you have them right now. IntelliSearch gives easy access even if you think your data is hard to get, or you feel that they are just thrown in there. Our index engine gives new life to your data by giving them lots of meta tags that helps you making the greatest categorization tree

Isn’t this a huge implementation project?

A lot of consultant companies are implementing Enterprise search solution for customer based on open source bases. Which in a lot of cases will end up as a costly project. IntelliSearch is a software for installation with a license cost based on number of users, and the implementation could sometimes just be a couple of days.

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