Brekke & Strand is a highly specialized consultancy within acoustic, noise and vibration expertise. The company delivers services within buildings, transportation, industrial sites and new energy. It´s offices are in Oslo, Trondheim and Gothenburg.


With just over 40 employees, Brekke & Strand is one of IntelliSearch´s smaller customers in terms of # of employees. They realized that as they grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to find and to re-use valuable information, and thus ensure productivity on a high level. In addition, growth also means new employees, and better tools for ensuring that they re-use and learn from existing experience is valuable.

The company had grown to a size where information sharing, search and re-use of existing assets became increasingly important. After considering solutions like portals/collaboration tools and ECM systems, they decided to implement the IntelliSearch ESP Enterprise Search covering the two major information sources; Exchange/Outlook and Fileservers. In total, this choice both covered the needs, reduced costs and was smoothly implemented.”

The solution is available to all Brekke & Strand employees in their intranet (based on WordPress). “ During the implementation, IntelliSearch gave us a lot of useful tips and tricks to ensure that all the important aspect of the solution. That was very useful, in particular the ability to group all documents into types like proposals, reports, letters and CV´s. There was no no tags or topics registered when the implementation started, so this was a really add-on providing a more valuable solution.