ØRU is the cooperation between the six Municipals at Øvre Romerike; Eidsvoll, Gjerdrum, Hurdal, Nannestad, Nes and Ullensaker. They strive to produce the best possible services to it´s citizens. The Municipals have in total approximately 10 000 employees, and a significant number of these are knowledge workers. Providing these knowledge workers with tools to improve productivity, quality and consistency are important.


With all available research and reports stating that knowledge workers spend 15-25 percent of their time finding and analyzing information, it would be of immense value to the organizations to improve these processes. Hence, an Enterprise Search from IntelliSearch covering many of the most vital information sources has been implemented for each of the six Municipals. The search includes the intranet (EPiServer), Fileservers, the ECM system (Ephorte) and the social tool (Relate).

The search is available to all users both inside Ephorte and inside the EPiServer based intranet. It is important that it is available many places as the value can best be measured based on number of searches. And with the statistics and administration tool, this is easy to measure.

In addition to the internal Enterprise Search, all the six Municipals have also chosen to improve the search on their public websites by implementing IntelliSearch SiteSearch into their EPiServer CMS. This search will later be expanded to include publically available information in Ephorte, making these Municipals leading in being an open public organization.