The Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) is the supreme legislature of Norway. It has 169 members elected for four years from all the nineteen constituencies of the country. In total, The Parliament is an organization of just over 600 employees; Member of Parliament, Political Advisors and the Administration.

Search was a prioritized and important feature when the Parliament decided to upgrade to a new and modern Intranet and Collaboration tool. The IT-systems were historically quite silo-based, lacking the possibility to effectively find and re-use information across systems. The IntelliSearch Enterprise Search was selected and implemented to improve this situation, improving both the ability to effectively find information and the overall productivity.

A search solution across several systems has been established; the Intranet (EPiServer), the Collaboration system (SharePoint), the ECM system (Ephorte) as well as the database with people directory.

The search is available to users in the user-interfaces; EPiServer, SharePoint and Ephorte. And the solution is optimized for the individual user, in the way that it is different tuning of relevance and hits based on the user context (which system) and the individual (user group). In addition, there is use of synonyms, grouping, best-bets and other features to make the search experience as good as possible.