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Meet the CEO

av Lasse RuudAdministrarende direktør
"We have a strong focus on business process improvements in this house" said a medium  sized Norwegian company to us a while ago. Later on it appeard that nobody had thought of how much time is spent searching for internal information.

A limited search?

av Øyvind GrøndalenEt fattig søk? Search as it is being implemented today can often be quite limited. A user got an idea of what he or she needs. The most common way is to type in words in the search field that is representative for the domain the user is interested in.

The search words are then sent to the search engine for processing. The search engine will den find documents were the words appear and return a list of hits, a list which hopefully is ranked so the most relevant documents are listed on the top.
Such a search is limited!

Increased productivity can be easy!

av Øyvind GrøndalenFrom the blogOne of our Norwegian customers, a multidisciplinary engineering and design consultancy did a internal research a while ago and discovered that each employee spend about 15 minutes each day searching for information. For a company of this size, the cost of this time is NOK 35 600 000,- per year or NOK 28 700,- per employee. This illustrates that the Return on Investment for a search solution is significant. Persuasive solutions for information retrival can results in great savings.