The ECM-Application is the most important and used application in many organizations. That is why you really need to invest in IntelliSearch as the search solution for your ECM Application.

Most public organization and larger organizations in private sector have an ECM application. However, the integrated search in most of these applications do not have the standard and functionality needed to help the employees to find information, re-use information and secure the best possible quality. IntelliSearch is the search engine that will improve findability and efficiency in the organization. The solution can be integrated and accessible in the ECM application itself, and also in other interfaces like SharePoint or any intranet application.

Our solution is delivered with installer and documentation, which makes the solution easy to implement, ensuring rapid deployment. Documents, Cases, all information and all metadata available are indexed and searchable, with mechanism to keep the index updated as the information changes. Security is of course integrated in the solution. And as the ECM application is updated with patches and released in new versions, our solution stays upgraded to ensure a future-proof solution.