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Our renowned IntelliSearch Enterprise Search Platform has a unique, leading-edge technology for ensuring that users find the relevant information. What is more important in search than relevance?

All organizations experience an exponential information growth. And it is all stored in different systems, systems that in everyday work appears like information silos. The most common system groups are mail and messaging, fileservers, portal & collaboration, enterprise content management, business applications like CRM and ERP and various online-storage or information repositories.

We all know and experience that a lot of time is spent on finding information and to re-create information or documents that already exists. In addition, decisions are made without relevant information available, and customers experience your organization as fragmented and not consistent. Organizations that first address this problem will increase their efficiency and get a competitive advantage – of course it is a lot of value in all the documents already produced!

IntelliSearch offers a commercially, supported and maintained Enterprise Search Platform. The software is developed in-house with one primary differentiator in mind; Relevance. Because search is not only about finding all potential documents based on a search-query, it is more about providing the user with the right and relevant information.