IntelliSearch Connectors for Open Source extend your current search solution into a true Enterprise Search.

Some organizations choose an open source search engine when building an Enterprise Search. Elasticsearch or SOLR are the two most common open source search engines. When extending one of these search engines into an Enterprise Search, our connectors represents lower costs, reduced risk, faster implementation and less future maintenance.


Our connectors offers the opportunity to easily integrate the important systems into the search engine and get access to all business information in one place.

Our connectors are delivered with installers and documentation, which make them easy to implement, ensuring rapid deployment. All information and metadata are indexed and searchable, with mechanism to keep the index updated as the information changes. Security is vital part of every enterprise search, and is of course an integrated part of the solution. And as the source systems are updated with patches and released in new versions, our connectors are upgraded to ensure a future-proof solution.