Asker kommune is among the largest Municipals in Norway. The Municipal has close to 60 000 citizens and approximately 3 700 employees providing the public services. In their strive to provide even better services, a new website has been launched with a good Search as an important feature. The IntelliSearch SiteSearch was chosen and implemented as the search engine powering the Municipal´s website, which is based on EPiServer.


The search has been implemented properly by Asker kommune´s EPiServer partner, supported by IntelliSearch. Work has been done on optimizing and tuning the relevancy, extensive use of synonyms to bridge the gap between internal end external vocabulary, providing preview of hits, offering autocomplete the search query as you type, providing “did-you-mean” to mention some.

The Municipal gets top scores both for the search and for the website in evaluations of public websites. It has also attracted interest from other Municipals in how they have optimized the search into the powerful tool it is.