Norconsult is a leading multidisciplinary Engineering Consultancy in the Nordics. The company has close to 3000 employees, with a presence beyond the Nordics and into South America, Southern Africa and the South-East Asia. The services are geared towards community planning and design.

The pure size of the organization constitutes that the value of finding relevant internal information is high. This is in particular valid for information that has been produced by colleagues previously, such as proposals, templates, reports, measurements, architecture and more. In addition, the growth through both acquisitions and recruiting is high, and the value of faster and better giving new employees access to and a tool to utilize existing information is important to capture.

Norconsult has implemented an IntelliSearch ESP Enterprise Search to ensure retrieval and utilization of existing information. The search includes four of Norconsult´s most important information systems like the intranet (EPiServer), Project tool (SharePoint) as well as Exchange (both Public Folders and Mailboxes) and Fileservers.