Yara is delivering products and solutions for the agriculture industry, present in 50 countries and with about 10 000 employees. They are the world´s largest producer of ammonia, nitrate and complex fertilizers, assisting in the production of food for the growing population of the world.


In Yara´s production process raw materials bought from suppliers is an important component. Urea is the most known of these raw materials, and Yara´s purchase price for urea is of very high importance to the company´s overall financial results.

Yara has implemented a search solution from IntelliSearch in order to improve their market intelligence and make the best purchase decisions on raw material. The solution gives Yara´s analysts a tool to better find and consider information that is important for them extracted from a huge amount of sources and market reports. This information can partly be found on the internet in incoming reports from external market analysts and in vendor solutions on the internet protected by login and password.