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Relevance search

A good search engine is all about one fundamental thing- finding relevant information. This entails two challenges; firstly, it has to find the information, which the user is looking for and secondly, it has to make this information accessible for the user.

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Site search

Today, most organizations consider it critical to have good search functions integrated in their internet and intranet. Good search functions will enhance the user experience and as well as their perception of the usefulness.

Product Title

IntelliWorker Knowledge Assistant

By using Knowledge Assistant the user will get access to existing knowledge and thereby the organization will increase the reuse of produced information, as well as improving quality as opposed to reinventing the wheel every time - last but not least; save time.

Product Title

The Platform

Intellisearch ESP is an advanced platform for finding, sharing, monitoring and reusing information.

The platform makes it possible to find information across the organization independently of systems and document formats. The platform ensure that information is shared effectively because users can easily retrieve information produced by colleagues in a secure way.

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Business Intelligence

On-demand insight is crucial to succeed, but the knowledge that you need is hided in separate silos of unstructured content and structured data. To consolidate information a significant load of manual work is required, in other words expensive IT-resources.

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Solutions for electronic filing systems

Many organizations' core activity is case processing incl. archiving. A comprehensive search tool is of great value for these organizations and will improve collaboration significantly.