The search becomes an increasingly more important part of any website and intranet, as visitors prefer search to navigation in order to find the information they are looking for. That is why it is a wise decision to implement a superior search solution

We all care about making visitors experience to our website as positive as possible. These visitors can be customers looking for your products and services, or on intranets employees looking for helpful information. In all situations, it is important to serve the visitors in the best possible way. Then you will need a strong search solution.

Most Content Management Systems have a search solution included. However, these do not meet meet the standard expected by visitors. Hence there is a need for a search solution which is rich on functionality and is easy to implement, operate and maintain. IntelliSearch Site Search is the perfect solution. For intranets, it is even more important to choose a search solution that can cater the need for expanding the search into an Enterprise Search.

Our solution is delivered with installer and documentation, which makes the IntelliSearch solution easy to implement, ensuring rapid deployment. Both the site and connected documents are indexed with all content and related metadata.

On-demand insight is crucial to succeed, but the knowledge you need is hidden away in separate containers of unstructured content and structured data. To put the information together the demand for manual labor or costly IT-resources is often high.
The moment the information is put in in a system and analyzed it has lost its context and relevance.
Searches are frequently made on abnormalities and events that do not exist in the core systems of the enterprise.
Rumors on the Internet, bad product reviews, news about competitors, bad judgment or changes in external agreements could affect the demand.

Business intelligence module delivers fast and extensive insight into information that is necessary to understand the cause and effect from sources internal, external or combined

To identify new possibilities to maximize revenue, reduce implementation, cost associated with support and infrastructure, increase satisfaction and loyalty, create a competitive edge, you will  have to collect and automate deliverance of all information that is crucial to your enterprise.