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Why Choose Us

IntelliSearch specialises on enterprise search and search solutions for all types of business applications. Search has become an ever increasingly important and invaluable part of any serious information portal, be it for collaboration, information management, groupware or just a website.

IntelliSearch has developed its own renowned search platform that deliver outstanding performance via standardized modules and customizable components. We are a knowledgeable solution specialist that can deliver to the market and customer needs. A strong partner network has grown to ensure that the customers get solutions that deliver to expectations.


IntelliSearch focuses on solutions for the computerised work-environment – where the employees’ everyday routine depends on quality information to ensure rock solid choices, evaluations and decisions. Here is where we strive to stay the leader of the pack, keeping a leading position to make sure that the results from our search solution are exactly what you are looking for.
IntelliSearch believe that the main solution to allow proper co-operation and sharing of knowledge is interactivity and connectivity. Our ambition is to make sure that the information needed is available, for whom, when and where needed. We call workers with this kind of empowerment “IntelliWorkers”.

We understand your data

The success of a information intelligence solution is to give the user results that make sense. Our focus on relevance- your benefit.

Smart data - not Big-Data

We really don't care if your data is big. We are used to that. We aim to give you the data you need - the smart data.

A better workday

At the end, productivity is about the well being of valuable employees. Our solutions gives the users about 1 houre quality time each day.