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- in your .Net-application Engine

IntelliSearch Engine is a .Net NuGet package that you install into your application. Then use it as you would use an embedded database. You decide when and where to add or remove searchable content.


Building a strong internal search into a .Net application has always been cumbersome. In the past, this has tended to involve SQL search or even a Java open source solution, with separate instances, processes and crawlers. Adding security to the equation also meant you needed to write a lot of extra code yourself on top of the core search-solution. None of these options are good, practical or tempting. We have acknowledged this problem, so without further ado – say hello to IntelliSearch Engine!

Perfect for developers

With IntelliSearch Engine, the developers will have search included and available when they’re developing an application. With the other mentioned alternatives, search has always been something that was “added for the customer after delivery” – as a layer on top of the application. 

They will see additional areas of use, like smart and easy autocomplete for fields, workflow helpers where end-users are given pointers to similar or related items via a backend search, mini-searches in context-specific areas, or a plain old search interface with improved user experience.

IntelliSearch Software

IntelliSearch specialises on enterprise search and search solutions for all types of business applications. Search has become an ever increasingly important and invaluable part of any serious information portal, be it for collaboration, information management, groupware or just a website.

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